Registration & Guest Management

We recognize that every touch point for your guests impacts the overall event experience. We work closely with your team to ensure that each guest interaction is unique and special for your event.

As the first touch point for most guests, audience engagement and the guest experience is paramount to the success of your next event.

At tbg Events, we manage your guest onboarding process from start to finish.  From the first touch point of your event, our team will ensure each guest is handled with our white glove service.

Seamlessly run virtual and live events include:
  • Design and automate registration workflows
  • Provide robust electronic platforms
  • Digital and social media engagement to increase outreach
  • Digital attendee management with complete analytics
  • Event apps to communicate and update attendees
  • Travel and hotel coordination
  • Complete exhibitor management
  • Complete billing and payment processing
  • Post Event Reporting